Abstract Submission

For the first three days’ programme you can submit one of five types of presentations (see below).

Please choose one sub-theme and two or three topics within that sub-theme. When you submit your abstract you will be asked to enter these.

Please choose from one of the following types of presentations:

  • Individual papers: These will be presented by one or two individuals and will be allotted 30 minutes each (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 for discussion).
  • Colloquia: These will be presented by four or five people working together and will be allotted two hours. The presenters may divide the time amongst themselves as they wish, but should allow at least 40 minutes (not necessarily all together) for audience discussions.
  • Workshops: These are interactive sessions, with a facilitator. Each will be allotted one hour. A workshop should be practical and involve the participants’ activity.
  • Showcasing imaginative classroom practice: These are demonstrations of excellent classroom practice. These will be 30 minutes long including presentations and discussions.
  • Poster sessions: These will be graphic displays of information, which will be posted in a central place in the Baxter Hall. Special times will be allotted in the programme for presentation and discussion of the posters.
  • Films/Documentaries: These should be presented digitally and will be allotted 30 minutes each. Films should be no more than 20 minutes long to allow time for viewers’ questions and comments.

Your abstract should be between 150-200 words. Please submit online:




For more information about submitting abstracts, please contact:



Deadline for submission of abstracts – 26 January 2015

Notification of acceptance of abstracts – 1 March 2015